Welcome to the new Fenix website!

Finally as you can see we have developed our new website. This has been a long time in waiting, and is designed to make your experience with FENIX as easy and as fast as possible, so you can get on with your business. Unlike conventional catalogues a good website allows us to update our parts and information on a daily basis so that we can offer a bigger better product range faster. We have tried hard to make this website, but with anything new, sometimes there may be some mistakes. Please feel free to add your comments on how we can continue to improve this website.

The development of this website was very interesting. As a company we have had some very emotional conversations about what a website that resembles our company should look like. Christiaan, Alan and Bodie of the Sydney branch have pulled their hair out trying to achieve what our company should look like, and have spent lots and lots of hours re-creating a more efficient catalogue with up to date information.


New ranges of cooling products

Recently we have developed multiple new ranges of cooling products. These include a large line up of excavator radiators, which should be landing down over the next 3 months. We also have heater cores coming in for most popular models in the next few months.
Our truck range is getting larger, and we are proud to announce that we will be posting this range on our website not long after it goes live. We will update the truck catalogue daily as our models expand every day. So far we have close to 100 models of truck radiators in stock. If you have a model of radiator or related product, let us know, we may just want to develop and stock it.